It only took seven years, but here is the start of the new world of Hypefactor:

HYPEFACTOR return with ONE.NINE.FIVE.SIX, the first single from their forthcoming album EXIT STRATEGIES. Available digitally as a free download, ONE.NINE.FIVE.SIX will be accompanied by an instrumental B-side called SATURDAY NIGHT DREAM plus an exclusive remix of the new song CLEAN UP by Brooklyn techno pioneer BAYE (http://www.myspace.com/bayemv) and featuring vocals by frequent HF collaborator Peter Riley of THE DOSSIER (www.ledossier.net).

Download it NOW:


Sorry for the years in between posts if anyone is still here....



The New Shit





We draw closer to the end of the weirdest year ever, so let's talk about the cool shit we saw, heard and read in 2009. All of this is subject to change as the year isn't over yet. This is the best shit...

ALBUM, the best album without a doubt this year was the fucking amazing Gustavo Cerati album, FUERZA NATURAL. The man took it to a whole new level. 70's inspired rock with some of the best production I have heard really made this not just my favourite album this year, but my fave in ages. I want nothing more than to see this album played live in 2010. Kasabian came close, but their third album suffered from one song too many. I did love the Bad LT, but I'm thinking Freebass is gonna have something to say shortly on this.

MOVIE: Tough one. I loved a lot this year: District 9, Taken, Basterds, 500 Days of Summer, hell even ORPHAN was a guilty pleasure. But I gotta go with STAR TREK mostly because it was awesome seeing a franchise I grew up loving finally join us in 21st Century. No more boring existential Next Gen shit, this is the real deal. Also, huge points for figuring out how to reboot a franchise without erasing the 40 year history behind it. Smart, clever, simple, fun.

GIG: Nothing was better than NIN at the Bowery. I mean, seriously. Trent owned it. Manics were great, Depeche were much better than expected.

TV: KENNY FUCKING POWERS. Bar none. CURB was fucking great though. I do cop to loving GLEE, but it's no Eastbound and Down. Maybe Kenny Powers can teach Glee Club?

COMICS: There was a lot to love about comics in 2009. While I loved BLACKEST NIGHT and all things Green Lantern, especially since nephew and I got really bond over it, my fave series was Grant Morrison's new BATMAN AND ROBIN series which I think is the best Bat related stuff in ages. Of course I am biased because it's Dick Grayson as Batman, but it's a fresh clever spin that will be remembered fondly for years to come, certainly much more so than BATMAN RIP, which I didn't love.

Weird shit happened this year. Oasis broke up, Gavin Friday showed up and the kidd left, Dickie is trying a solo career again, and of course poor Jerry died. But cool shit happened too: I met Dulli, I got married.

Anyway, this is quick, I know. See you soon




Brandt found this very rare outing of one of my favourite (if not THE fave) Cerati song's ARTEFACTO from the last tour. It's a revamped dance version of it, which is absolutely amazing. Watch.